About our organisation

M&T Construction Sdn Bhd is one of the leading construction corporations in Malaysia, and as one of the most trusted developers, we have amassed a dynamic reputation in terms of leading the industry with a portfolio of successful urban and non-urban developments.

Founded in year 2000

Founded in year 2000 by our President Dato’ Tai Wing Fook, M&T Construction a diverse experience in undertaking a wide range of constructing projects, carving out a highly reputed and trust-worthy reputation in the industry. Our company values are dictated by our client and partner-centered dedication, and we take immense pride in delivering the best to our clients.

Our experts are renowned for their ability to infuse projects with innovative technological solutions. Since our conception, our services have been grounded by the values of superior quality.

Our experience on working with a diverse range of projects has allowed our team to deliver superior solutions, and with each project, we seek to deliver enhanced standards of quality and innovation. As we embark towards a new decade of development and growth, we seek offer greater value to our clients.

As a reputable company, our specialty expertise lies in the realm of earthworks, site clearance, infrastructure, ground improvements/slope protection, and drainage works, amongst others.

As a dominant force in the construction industry of Malaysia, we seek to serve our clients with focus, determined and passion-driven services. It gives us immense pride in delivering our very best to our clients and partners.

Mission, Vision & Values

What’s Important to Us?

At M&T Construction, we are focused on the growth and development in this sector/construction industry. It gives us immense pride to focus our experience and talents into innovating industry practices and building dreams from scratch. We strongly believe that an unsafe environment is not safe for quality control and optimal production, which is why safety is one of the main priorities.

We are dedicated towards aiding providing our clients a sustainable and profitable growth by providing top notch services that is are fully compliant with the DOSH (Department Of Occupational Safety And Health). Quality control is one of our principal priorities. We remain commitment to ensuring the safety of our employees, clients, partners and the public.

The Future of the Company

M&T Construction is dedicated towards growth and innovation, and in the future, we seek to sustain our position as industry leaders with a dedication towards growth, quality and innovation.

We are dedicated to continually adopt innovative practices that are focused on quality in terms of efficiency and productivity. We intend to innovative our own practices by deploying Quality Management Systems that will allow us to offer more value to our clients and industry partners.

We strive to continually continue in improving improve the quality and in terms of efficiency and effectiveness with the use of Quality Management Systems to better serve our clients and partners in the industry.