At M&T Construction, we offer a diverse range of services, which are marked with a strict scrutiny on quality control and innovation.

We seek to propel the Malaysian construction industry towards innovation and advancement, and offer added value to our clients and industry partners. Our services are marked with a dedication towards development and a passion for bringing dreams to life with the talents of our construction team.

Site Clearance

When embarking on a new project one of the very first stages of construction is site clearance.

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Setting the foundation for every project is very important and that is why with M&T Construction we are experts in movement, shaping and compacting of earth.

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Ground Improvements

Ground improvements are essential to every project as a strong foundation. To create stability, durability, consistency of the slope that has been compromised.

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Being able to access an area with ease will create a time and budget sensitive project and that is why M&T Construction put a lot of emphasis on infrastructures.

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Drainage Works

Delivering the best drainage system that will ensure that construction can continue during the rainy seasons.

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The art of designing and incorporating traditional and contemporary architectural elements. Combination of natural and cultural elements.

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