The very first stages of any and every construction project begins with site clearance., and herein lies our expertise of allowing every project a swift and productive beginning, which goes a long way in ensuring that the project succeeds without facing major hurdles or complications. Armed with a significant skill set and training of each new project site, M&T Construction deploys a pragmatic site clearance strategy that is focused on ensuring that the job is completed within the agreed timeline, without overrunning the budget of our client.

In fact, we use a wide range of tools and strategies to ensure cost-effectiveness. Our team members possess a profound understanding of local regulatory rules, which ensures that our clients do not have to suffer due to our negligence, and the projects are streamlined without any unforeseen challenges.

The very first stages of every construction project begins with site clearance. The process of site clearance is undertaken as part of enabling works, carried out to prepare a site for construction. It involves clearing the site to allow other remedial, treatment or demolition works to take place before the construction works can begin.