At M&T Construction, we are determined to give each and every project a strong and resilient foundation, and much like earthwork, ground improvements are a dynamic phase of each project. This is the phase where our team will modify the ground in-situ, and our process are recognized industry-wide for their efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Our intermediate foundation solutions are focused on ensuring stability and productivity, and we ensure a strict quality control every step of the way. Slope protection is another one of our services, which are focused on enhancing consistency, durability and stability, which goes a long way in the development of the overall project.

Similar to earthwork, ground improvements are essential to every project as a strong foundation. Geo-technical construction methods are used to alter and improve poor ground conditions in order that embankment and structure construction can meet project performance requirements It is the process of modifying the ground in-situ and our process has been recognized as efficient and cost-effective intermediate foundation solutions. Another sub-category that we deal with is slope protection. This is to reduce rainwater infiltration and to prevent erosion of the slope